Easton Series Adventures by Donna Dolf

Easton Harvest

Easton Series, Vol. 2


      Jason, Eric and Sonja, affectionately referred to as “angels” by the Sanders, make friends with the new “kid on the block,” 14 year old Lauren Russell and her widowed father, Alan.

     After Lauren’s mother unexpectedly dies from appendicitis, she finds herself uprooted and moved to her father’s hometown, Easton, California. Living in a new house in a small town and enrolled in a new school, Lauren watches her father struggle with his grief following his wife’s death. 

     A lonely Lauren reaches out to the angels and the Sanders family and with the help of Jason, Eric and Sonja’s collective charm, wit and antics, the angels slowly pull Alan and Lauren together in their grief and healing. Strange things are happening in the South West Avenue neighborhood. While the angels, Lauren and friends work through the mysteries, Lauren and her father come to realize love has many shapes.

     Easton Harvest was published on October 14, 2014, and is available in ebook, paperback and hardcover at amzn.to/2cVCHoG.