​Welcome! My name is Donna Dolf. I am the author of the Easton Series. The five volumes (Easton Summer, Easton Harvest, Easton Holiday, Easton Blossoms and Easton Sleuth) are available for purchase. All are available as Kindle ebooks, in paperback and hardcover formats.

The Easton Series Collection, Volumes 1-4 is now available in ebooks and contains the first four volumes of the Easton Series in one handy volume.

The series is set in the small town of Easton, California. My fictional family is Marian and Michael Sanders along with their daughter Shelley. Aunt Marian and Uncle Mike take in strays, and I don't mean dogs. Jason Bonham, Eric Lane, Kati McClellan, Sonja Bettencourt and Jonathan Hardy are the boys and girls Aunt Marian and Uncle Mike bring into their home to heal their hurts and show them they matter, even with all of their foibles. The Easton Series follows the "Easton Angels" through their adventures, making friends, felling bullies and solving a variety of mysteries.

​The following pages describe each volume of the Easton Series (just click on the tab and a drop down menu appears with choices) and introduces yours truly.  If you want to contact me, there is a page for that too.

Easton Sleuth, the fifth book in the series is now available on Amazon. (amzn.to/3cRRE9W) Easton Sleuth is cozy mystery with Shelley, Jason and Eric along with new characters. Check it out on the Easton Sleuth page.

Easton Series Adventures by Donna Dolf